Therapy For Anxiety, Panic Attacks, & Depression


Coronavirus Notice: Prajna Healing Arts is open for counseling and taking new clients as normal. Sessions are available over video chat or phone. Outdoor sessions are also available in a welcoming and relaxing open area that is comfortable for social distancing. Call Carol at (720) 244-2299 for a free evaluation.

Carol O’Dowd, MPA, MDiv, MI, CAS

Therapy For Living With Happiness Despite The Stress

Sad Woman

  • Are you feeling anxious or stressed out?
  • Do you feel tired and depressed?
  • Is coping with the pandemic, work, and family overwhelming?
  • Are you experiencing panic attacks?

If you are overwhelmed and feeling out of control, counseling can help you regain balance and happiness in your life. Anxiety can harm your work, relationship, and ability to function every day. Carol can help you regain control of your life and set new directions. You can feel calm, be happy, and thrive. 

Carol O'Dowd

Carol O’Dowd, MPA, MDiv, MI, CAS – Trauma/Transition Therapist and Spiritual Counselor

Carol offers compassionate counseling in Arvada to help adults experiencing difficult times. Specialties include anxiety, grief, trauma, behavioral issues, career counseling, depression, emotional disturbances, self-esteem, and spirituality.

Carol combines western and eastern approaches in her psychotherapy to support others on the journey and all its transitions. Carol is certified in Applied Existential Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, and Japanese Psychology.

Call Carol at (720) 244-2299 for a free screening


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Call Carol at (720) 244-2299 for a free screening/to schedule a counseling session.