Carol O’Dowd, MPA, MDIV, MI

“Thanks so much for what you taught me in the class on listening. Your wisdom and presence were as healing as what you said.” –  LH 

Attendee at the May 11, 2019, Workshop, “Finding Peace in Daily Life: The Art of Listening”

“I learn so much from you. I use techniques from your talks in my practice.” – Jen Hansen

Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher – Centennial, CO

“Yes! Let’s start right away. I accomplished more in this session than in any I’ve had before.” – KM

Client – Arvada, CO

“I’m going to use this with my family.” –  A childcare worker at the end of training on how to manage stress working with difficult families for a social services agency

Childcare Worker – Commerce City, CO

“We have gone deeper in three sessions than I did after years in other therapies. Thank you!” – BD 
Client – Arvada, CO

“I took away tools for noticing when overloaded and how to take time out.” 

Participant at a Mindfulness Training Class – Denver, CO

“Your talk left me thinking for days, then I got it! Thanks! I’m back for more.”

attendee at a Dharma talk

“These techniques are helpful applications I can use in daily life!”

attendee at a Stress Management Seminar – Longmont, CO

“I can never say thank you enough for all that you have helped me through and for the tools that I can use always!”


“Thank you for giving me tips that I will take with me and keep using.”