Are you held back by emotions, behaviors, or life challenges?

Restore your joy and liberate your potential through Eastern and Western pathways to mental wellness.

Carol O’Dowd, MPA, MDiv, MI, CAS

Carol O'Dowd


Carol offers individual and counseling services from her offices in Arvada using a holistic approach to address each client’s needs. As a Trauma/Transition Therapist she helps adults connect with their inner strengths and walk through the walls of anxiety, depression, stress, panic attacks, and trauma to live life without fear and with peace of mind.



 “Everything in the unconscious seeks outward manifestation, and the personality too desires to evolve out of its unconscious conditions and to experience itself as a whole.  I cannot employ the language of science to trace this process of growth in myself, for I cannot experience myself as a scientific problem.”  — Carl G. Jung

Coronavirus Notice: Prajna Healing Arts is open for counseling and is taking new clients. Sessions are available in person in an office comfortable for social distancing. Tele-sessions are available via video chat or phone. Outdoor sessions are conducted in a relaxing open area that includes trails for mindful walking exercises. Call Carol at (720) 244-2299 for a free evaluation.



Prajna Healing Arts

Carol blends western and eastern approaches in her psychotherapy and counseling services to support others on the journey called life. She combines her prior career in government as a former city manager and as a community development consultant with her 18 years of service as a counselor to help people with career, health and life transitions. Her work as a therapist began 16 years ago while serving as an ordained Buddhist priest by the Hongwanji-ha of Japan. Working as a minister and as a chaplain, she deeply enjoyed helping people reconnect with their inner goodness and overcome their traumas and fears. Such a passion led her to supplement her formal education with certifications in Japanese Methods of Psychology, Applied Existential Psychotherapy, Family Mediation, and Mindfulness Instruction. Carol has volunteered with prisons in Adams and Denver counties in Colorado. She also served for half a year in the Kerobokan Prison, Indonesia where she counseled, taught mindfulness and opened a Buddhist Temple. Her clients as well as participants at her talks and retreats frequently thank her for the techniques they take back to work and/or home to support their healing and peace of mind.

Traditional Japanese Garden


Therapy, Spiritual Counseling, and Groups/Talks



Carol offers affordable therapy to individuals struggling with trauma, anxiety, and
life transitions. For the past 16 years, she has provided counseling and coaching
to adults using a holistic approach. Using well tested therapeutic and counseling
practices, she helps clients use body, mind, and spirit to live life fully with peace
of mind.

Spiritual Counseling

Carol offers spiritual counseling using her ordination as a Buddhist priest as well as experience obtaining her Master of Divinity degree and certification as a Mindfulness Instructor.

Groups and Talks

Workshops are tailored for your organization on topics as diverse as mindfulness, stress management, achievement of highest potential, spiritual growth, and life with incarcerated relatives.

Customer Testimonials

Denver, CO

“You are an amazing light helping us grow in harsh times.”

Arvada, CO

“The session was so helpful and clarifying! I appreciate it greatly!”

attendee at Dharma talk who returned to take a class in Denver
Denver, CO

“Your talk left me thinking for days, then I got it! Thanks! I’m back for more.” 

Childcare Worker
Commerce City, CO

” I’m going to use this with my family.”

– A childcare worker at the end of training on how to manage stress working with difficult families for a social services agency