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Learn from Trauma

Trauma is a burden that can heavily impact daily life. If not addressed, it can be the cause of a wide variety of harmful behaviors, from irritability to the point of being hostile or emotionally detached. Some people experience dissociation or flashbacks. Trauma including PTSD symptoms can last from a few days to weeks, months, or even years. Sometimes they happen frequently, or even daily. Inappropriate behaviors can be very destructive to relationships and health. Destructive behaviors can negatively impact one’s productivity at work or at home.

Past traumas can impact relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. Trauma experienced at a young age sometimes is held in the form of self-blame. Many traumatized people feel guilty for what they did or didn’t do. Yet, it is possible to find strength from the trauma instead of letting it be an energy suck. Carol helps her clients reconnect with their power and integrity to make conscious choices instead of being led around by fears and feelings. They take the time to learn from their trauma. Help is always available.

Live fully

Make Your Past a Resource

As human beings, people are always changing. People can grow from their experiences to live life fully. By tapping into their past, they may find themselves listening to ancestors and others who provide inspiration and healing. Staying open we can use the past as a valuable resource for living life fully today.

Carol often helps clients to “re-story” their past trauma into a story that supports their engagement in the world with peace and happiness. The result is that clients often rediscover strengths they may have neglected in the past or not developed because they were not used, were forgotten, or were taught not to use them. With therapy, they will identify the tools that will allow them to address the emotions and behaviors they want to change.

Therapy can help people manage their fears and anxieties. Exploring past and present situations is part of the process for identifying what allows someone to live life the way they want. Start the journey to healing today. Learn new skills for living life fully. Call Carol at Prajna Healing Arts now.

Transform Trauma to Live in Peace

For the past 16 years, Carol has enjoyed sharing ways for her clients to live life in peace and happiness. She offers a variety of techniques for tapping inner strengths, even after a severe traumatic experience. She offers tools for building healthy relationships, working effectively, and enjoying the moments.



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