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Life Coach with Decades of Corporate Experience

Carol O’Dowd has decades of corporate experience as a former city manager, international management consultant and as Executive Director of a non-profit. Her clients appreciate her practical tips for managing transitions at work as well as at home. She enjoys providing life coaching services. As a coach she helps her clients clarify goals, and identify obstacles, and problematic behaviors as well as create opportunities. Her focus is to support her clients with taking action steps to achieve their desired results.

Carol assists her clients with developing ways to effectively deal with stressful work situations, employees, as well as family, community, or other issues. She enjoys helping clients prepare action plans for implementing their goals.

Some coaching practices offered include how to:

  • Define goals
  • Practice success
  • Manage change
  • Communicate effectively

To enhance her career and life coaching skills, Carol is completing coursework this year to become a Certified Existential Coach through the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute.

Client-Centered Therapist

Client-Centered Coach

As a client-centered coach, Carol O’Dowd uses psychological techniques as well as deeper spiritual practices to help clients explore their potential and purpose. She is an ordained Jodo Shinshu Buddhist priest through the Hongwanji-ha, Japan, who has training as a coach, chaplain and Mindfulness Instructor as well as a therapist. Her prior corporate experience gives her the ability to be an effective coach. She advises on life as well as career transitions. Her clients frequently thank her for practices that they use to rediscover purpose and meaning.

She has a deep appreciation for soul or spirit work. She uses a psychospiritual approach to help clients align with their greater presence, self-awareness and authenticity.

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