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Manage Anxiety in Daily Life

When going through any life change, we can experience, bring on or trigger feelings of being lost or adrift. Events such as the loss or the incarceration of a loved one can lead to feelings of lacking purpose or playing self-blame tapes.

Loss and constant stress can carry us into depression, panic attacks, and sleepless nights. Depression, especially during these pandemic times, has become a common mental disorder. Not dealing with depression result in lethargy, loss of interest in what we enjoy and inability to engage in even daily tasks. Therapy is an effective resource for managing anxiety, grief, trauma, and stress.

Peace of Mind

Find Peace of Mind,
Despite the Stress

Focus can be a struggle when one is stressed or anxious. Many people have difficulty communicating when they’re feeling emotional, and it can be tough to adjust to major life changes. Help is important when this happens. Self-blame will only make things worse and worrying can lead to sleepless nights and panic attacks. Although it’s normal to feel empty and sad for some time when dealing with a traumatic event such as an injury, divorce, loss of job, etc., it is not normal to be unable to function. When struggling to cope with a change or loss seeking counseling or therapy during such difficult times can provide tools for growth and renewal.

Overcome Emotional Chaos – Enjoy Life

Counseling is an effective tool for managing life changes, both big and small. Whether you’re struggling with a loss, a career change, or any other transition, Carol can help or will refer you to someone who can.

Carol has decades of experience. She specializes in helping people deal with depression, stress, and trauma. She is passionate about helping her clients rediscover and realign with their inner strength and integrity. With Carol’s help, you can learn to overcome emotions instead of being led around by them or letting them control you.

Carol offers a wide variety of techniques for shifting attention and staying calm, even in the midst of chaos. With Carol’s help, you can have healthy relationships, work effectively, and live positively.

Give her a call if you’re ready to explore ways to tap into wisdom and compassion to enjoy life, despite the stress.


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