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Spiritual Counseling and Talks

Exploring Spirituality in Daily Life

Feelings of frustration, anxiety, and being down is normal. Many people struggle with these emotions, often due to major or traumatic life changes. Being certified in Japanese methods of psychotherapy, ordained as a Buddhist priest, and having provided spiritual care as a chaplain, Carol offers spiritual counseling to her clients. She uses a psychospiritual approach to help clients align with their greater presence, self-awareness, and authenticity. She encourages her clients to stay open to wisdom and compassion. Doing so, they discover ways to live happily, even in the midst of adversity. Explore ways to tap into the spirituality of life as part of the journey to peace of mind.

Spiritual Counseling

Engaging in Spiritual Dialogue

Join her on Sundays. Explore different approaches to living a peaceful life. Sunday Spiritual Talks start with sitting meditation, followed by some relaxation with music and/or chanting. Carol O’Dowd, MPA, M.Div. shares a short message followed by dialogue. After the mindfulness exercises and talk, group participants engage in dialogue.

The dialogue includes a sharing of different views, teachings as well as personal stories. The discussion often covers current events, research, and/or personal experiences relevant to the week’s message. Questions about how to address and balance the needs of body, mind, and spirit are brought to the table. Due to her Eastern and Western training along with having taught alongside spiritual leaders from various traditions in different countries, Carol guides the discussion to review various ways to grow spiritually as well as effectively manage daily stresses and anxieties. 

In these times of remote working, violence in the streets at home and abroad,as well as political turmoil, it is more important than ever to find ways to partner with a caring heart. Gathering, even for just an hour on Sunday, is a way to join others on a path of peace. Although in a Zoom room physical touch is not an option, we can touch each other with a caring heart during the dialogue. Call Carol to make arrangements to attend in person or to get the link to join electronically.

Prajna Healing Arts relies upon the teaching that wisdom-compassion is always available, anytime, anywhere and for anyone. Join a discussion of how to open heart-mind to receive it. Explore how, despite illness or other events that have altered many of our daily interactions, compassion is still present. Participants share the many wondrous forms in which compassion and wisdom arrive. Life is a journey best shared with an open heart and mind. Join the talks to explore techniques for re-discovering a peaceful heart and making connections that help overcome challenges. Call Carol at (720) 244-2299 to be added to the invite list for talks or to schedule a spiritual counseling session.


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